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Are All The Mighty Men Cheaters


Are All The Mighty Men Cheaters

The high-and-mighty are more likely to cheat; they are used to getting their way. Who would dare say, “NO” to them? For every cheater, there are 10′s of thousands that are faithful. So, are all the mighty men cheaters, no way!

A politician, CEO, actor or sport star makes news. News is made by cheaters; not the faithful. In all honesty, it is not fair to ask are all the mighty men cheaters.

http://SignsofaCheater.netWhen the dominoes start to tumble the high and mighty fall in much the same way as the dominoes.

Are All The Mighty Men Cheaters

Robin Williams once said, “God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time” — an idea that could have some basis in biological truth.

Taylor Bigler, found such a thought-provoking comment, and it’s funny !!!

A new excuse for the inability of the movers and shakers to stay faithful; they have a chemical overload. Are all the mighty men cheaters, thankfully NO; nothing would ever get done if they were!

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Infidelity Getting A Facelift

Infidelity Getting A Facelift

Finally, after many years, women are becoming just as unfaithful as men. Infidelity getting a facelift, the gender gap is now broken, and so are many relationships.

Is it any wonder, on any given day turn on the tube; someone will be having an affair. Is it any wonder why we are, how we are. Infidelity getting a facelift, yes!

http://SignsofaCheater.netFinally, we have come full circle; the lines have been crossed; NO the lines have been crushed and equality is at hand, at what cost?

Infidelity Getting A Facelift

Research shows women may be cheating now almost as much as men. The toll of new temptations. Are Women Growing More Unfaithful in Marriage.

Dr.Drexler wrote this informative, and a little scary article !!!

It is sad to say that a betrayal of a relationship should be looked at as equality. Still, infidelity getting a facelift. Oh my!

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Why Are Women Cheaters


Why Are Women Cheaters

Asking the question why are women cheaters, makes it sound like its something inside the woman. Is it really that simple – I think not.

The title of the article could just as well be “why are men cheaters” instead of why are women cheaters; it is really all the same.

http://SignsofaCheater.netWhat governs women also governs men: how they feel about themselves is brought about largely by their mate.

Why Are Women Cheaters

Similarly women infidelity has not one but a number of reasons. Situations,
husbands, boyfriends, revenge, pleasure, dissatisfaction, insecurity, and many other such reasons can get women to cheat.

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It is not fair, to ask the question: why are women cheaters unless you also ask the question why are men cheaters.

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Is My Husband Cheating

http://SignsofaCheater.net Marriage is based on trust, companionship and love. Marriage counselors say that you have to be completely honest and upfront with each other. Being close emotionally, sexually and mentally is necessary for a stable marriage. But it does not really work that way, does it? You might have been the very best wife; emotionally, sexually, mentally and spiritually but that is no guarantee for a stable marriage. Men cheat and there is a very good chance that your man is already cheating on you. One very important question you will have to ask yourself all through your marriage is this; Is my husband cheating on me? The most likely answer is that even if he has not yet cheated, he has contemplated it at least once during your marriage. He might not have acted on that thought or impulse but you have no guarantees that he will not in the future.

Why do men cheat?

Men are hunters and sex is hardwired into their minds. They crave sexual variety. On an average, a man thinks of sex once every eight seconds and more than 40% of all men seek sexual satisfaction or sexual variety out of marriage; and that number has not changed since the 1950s! A famous Kinsey study also stated (way back in the 1950s) that more than 50s of all men would inevitably cheat on their spouses. Those statistics should let you know that it does not matter what a wife is like; men are going to cheat either physically or emotionally.

So what do you do?

It’s necessary that you protect yourself. We are not saying that you suspect your man of cheating on you all the time but it pays to be cautious. Always, always listen to your intuition. If you feel that something is wrong, it is usually wrong. Watch out for these following warning signs of a cheater that will tell you whether your husband is cheating on you.

Emotional Withdrawal – One of the very first signs of a cheater that will see is emotional cheating. Your husband will draw away from you, he will stop talking to you or discussing his days work. Even if he does talk to you, it will only be about work, house or child related activities. Some men may even stop touching or displaying any signs of affection. This is one of the premier signs of emotional withdrawal in a marriage and you should pick up on it quickly. This is when you should start investigating his accounts, mobile phone bills and credit card bills.

Using extra cash – By now, you have realized that your husband is drawing away from your emotionally. It’s time to back up this feeling of abandonment with proof. You already have an idea of how much money your husband uses every day. Visit your bank and get a printed account statement of how much money is being spent daily. Ensure that the statement goes back at least a year so that you can be unbiased about the expenses. Expenses may increase or decrease if your husband is traveling but any unusual expenses should be verified. You can ask the bank for help and they will track down where and when money was withdrawn and used.

Credit cards – Take the time to check his credit card statements as well. The best way to do this is by writing in to the banks and asking for credit card statements. Your husband may have many secret credit cards that you are now aware of but writing to the bank will let you know about them. Before you are given the credit card details, you will have to verify the security questions that the bank will ask. Make sure that you have the details ready.

Discarding paperwork – If you can see your husband actively hiding his paperwork like receipts, credit card bills,bank statements or even withdrawing cash, you should ask yourself whether your husband is cheating on you. They are hiding their paperwork to ensure that you don’t get proof about the affair and the money he is spending on his lover.

New email accounts, messenger and chat accounts – you have to wonder ‘Is My Husband Cheating’ if he seems to be spending too much time on the internet. He could be having a long distance internet affair or chatting with his lover on the internet. If possible, use keylogging programs to record his password, and then investigate these accounts to find out what is going on.

For men, marriages are a form of contract by which they get a woman who provides children, sex, and partnership but they don’t really like it. Marriages mean monogamous sex and it can lead to complacency and boredom and even prominent well-off men can throw caution to the winds in an effort to throw off the bonds of marriage; and be free for a few carefree minutes. Famous men like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods cheated even when their wives were beautiful, sexy, well-educated, accomplished women with successful careers and with beautiful children.

Do not take it personal and do not take the grief on yourself. You are a beautiful wonderful woman and you deserve a good man. Confront your husband about the cheating with proof and make sure that you get the respect and love that you deserve. Is My Husband Cheating On Me, is a question best answered honestly and truthfully and when you have done that move on with YOUR life.


Cheating Spouse Cell Phone

http://SignsofaCheater.netMarriage is based on trust and love. Two people agree to commit their lives to each other for a lifetime and that’s how it should be but we all know that it does not happen. Husbands may get bored or wives may get bored but the end result is infidelity that almost always hurts one partner very badly. We know that most relationship experts say that you have to trust each other implicitly but that is all just words and theories. Trusting a spouse does not work in real life at all. Trusting spouses are eventually brought down to harsh reality when they take a look at their cheating spouse cell phone bills.

There will always be more handsome men and pretty women who don’t really care whether they have an affair with a married person. To protect your marriage, it is necessary to mistrust your spouse where sex is concerned. Take it for granted that your spouse will have contemplated an illicit affair at least once during their married life and they might not have acted upon it but the thought is always lingering at the back of their mind.

To put an active deterrent into that thought, it’s very necessary for you to be observant. Keep a careful track of all their expenses and particularly on their mobile phones. Affairs usually start as emotional cheating. Your spouse will spend time with their lover first talking to them. Connecting emotionally is one of the first steps of an affair and most cheating couples go on to an active sexual affair.

Checking up on their mobile

It might seem very difficult to find and track your cheating spouse cell phone records but it’s actually quite easy.

• We suggest you start by first checking the phone itself. A guilt-free spouse will usually leave their mobile on a dresser or on the charging station without any fear of being checked. You can just pick it up and scroll down to the CALL REGISTER on the menu and check the dialed calls, missed calls and even the time spent on each call. This should not take more than five minutes and you can easily do it late at night when your spouse is sleeping or taking a shower.

• Another option is to check mobile phone bills when they arrive in the mail. If your spouse has a contract connection, you can get in touch with the billing company and ask for bills for the last year. You might have to offer verification before the company will accept the request.

• If your spouse is using a pre-paid phone, then you might not be able to get information from the company. You will have to buy special software from a hacking website or a surveillance website to get the call details. We suggest you get in touch with a reliable tracking agency or a surveillance website to software which can be installed on your cheating spouse’s cell phone to track their whereabouts, their calls and even their messages.

However, if your spouse is already cheating, you might not be able to gets your hands on their phone as he will take it everywhere with him! He might be receiving messages all times of the day and he will frequently leave the room to read these messages in private. You will not be able to find your cheating spouse cell phone bills as he will be collecting them and paying them immediately to hide their affair. He might also change the billing address to their office or he may pay the bill online.

• In such a case, you might have to use other tracking procedures to find out how many calls he makes and to whom. You can purchase and install special tracking software on to your spouse’s mobile phone. This will track their GPS location, messages, and call register and upload it on to the internet. Try software like ePhoneTracker, SparkNano etc to. You can also try free services like Google Latitude which will tell you where your spouse’s mobile phone is located.

• A trained hacker can also clone their cell phone quite easily to provide detailed records of their calls and messages. This might be a little expensive though and we aren’t sure whether this is legal or not!

Unfortunately, if you think your spouse is cheating on you, then they usually are. However, do not accuse your spouse till you have concrete proof of the cheating. If you don’t have the proof, your spouse will just deny everything and learn to cover their tracks efficiently so that they don’t get caught the next time. The signs of a cheater, no matter how devious are never that well concealed. If your cheating spouse cell phone usage is hidden from you, you can uncover it.


Infidelity in Marriage

http://SignsofaCheater.net Cheating spouses are like dogs with their food. The dog doesn’t really need the extra food to survive, but he doesn’t want to let go of it either. The same goes for a cheating spouse.

They already know that they are in a marriage with a good partner where they are probably getting enough love and affection, but they want to have an affair with another person as well. This is because they know that they can cheat even though they shouldn’t! They know infidelity in marriage is wrong but they consciously make a decision to have an affair simply because they can; and that’s what is hurtful. Unfortunately, in these times, it is expected. More than 70% of all marriages in the US break up due to infidelity in marriage. Cheating spouses may then go on to have multiple affairs that don’t really provide the emotional security and affection that is seen in marriage but it still does not matter.

Why is this relevant to me?

If you have been married for more than a year, it’s time for you to consider this article as well. Infidelity in marriage is extremely common after the honeymoon phase of a wedding. Spouses get tired, bored, stressed out with the close proximity of marriage and they tend to take each other for granted. Children put additional pressure on a marriage as both parents now have to buckle down to care for a third person. This may result in a shift of attention to the baby which spouses find difficult to deal with. No matter, what the reason, infidelity in marriage first starts with emotional cheating. A case is question is Brad Pitt who quickly got close to Angelina Jolie during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith. Although both of them swore up-and-down that they were not having an affair, Brad went on to quickly divorce the then Mr-Pitt Jennifer Anniston to hook up with Angelina. To date, Angelina denies that they had an affair during the filming of the movie. However, the fact is that they did get emotionally close which resulted in an emotional affair; quickly followed up by an explosive physical one.

Watch out for:

We suggest that you love your partner but consider, that they have contemplated an affair. Affairs usually follow a simple pattern. Connecting emotionally and physically with a new person requires time and that means an affair will take time to develop. If you pay close attention to your spouse, you will be able to catch subtle changes in behavior which indicate an affair. We suggest you watch out for these simple warning signs that could be indicating the start of an affair.

1. Your spouse starts to draw away from you. Emotional cheating starts first as your partner starts chatting and confiding with another person. This naturally brings them closer and they have to spend more and more time with each other. This means that your spouse starts to pull away from you. He or she spends more time at work or away from home. They frequently cancel family outings or events with work-related excuses.

2. Your spouse changes his physical appearance suddenly. He or she starts dressing differently or buying expensive clothing, perfumes, make-up, shoes etc which they never wore before. These are classic signs of a cheater as your spouse is primping for their new lover.

3. Your spouse starts getting more critical of your behavior. Unconsciously, your spouse is comparing you with their new lover and he is picking fights with you to justify the affair. By this time, your spouse has already started a physical relationship. The fights and criticism are just a way for them to pin the guilt of the affair on you so that they can continue with the affair.

4. Working out at the gym is another indicator of a cheating spouse. The change of clothes, sweaty workout and showers are an easy way to hide an affair. Smart cheaters also learn to use gym lockers to hide essentials like sexy clothing, condoms and contraceptives for the affair.

What to do if you have found signs of a cheater?

Get proof of the infidelity before confronting them. If they offer work-related excuses, check with his office before confronting him. Visit the gym, check credit card charges, mobile phone bills and even his bank account to ensure that you have the proof. If necessary, snoop on his phone with special software, check his email id and get in touch with a detective. Back up all accusations with proof or your spouse will just refute the charges and turn the situation on you, making you seem like the bad person.

Trust your intuition as its just your subconscious telling you to acknowledge the truth that you already know, so watch out for infidelity in marriage.


Signs of Emotional Infidelity

Signs of emotional infidelity are all around us each and every moment of each and everyday. Television shows all of the pleasures that can be ours and all we have to do is reach out and grab it. Just gotta have someone NEW or maybe just a NEW experience. We, all are all to a large extent a product of what we see, hear, smell and feel. How many commercials tell us; we can be, do or have something better or something NEW.

Emotional infidelity turns the emotions inside out and simply makes a complete mess of your thinking. This was brought about by someone wanting from somewhere else, what they could not get at home. Wonder if they ever told their partner what it was that they were wanting; before they went out looking for strange?

A new sort of infidelity has been on the rise for decades, and it’s one of the biggest threats to marriage: ‘emotional affairs.’ Today’s workplace has become the new danger zone of opportunities for ‘emotional affairs,’ surpassed only by the Internet.

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http://SignsofaCheater.netFinally, one of the best line ever heard: Do Not Believe In Infidelity: Says Rielle Hunter, this coming from the one who was a 50% party to the infidelity.

It is enough to make a body wonder if anyone could be so cavalier with their words if they were the one whose pride, dignity, self-esteem and pretty much their entire being was trashed.

Infidelity exists whether you believe in it or not; get real you did the deed so own up to it and don’t just say Do Not Believe In Infidelity…..

You need to read the article for your self, it is almost funny if it was’nt sooooooooooo sick.


Keep reading and you will hear our words when something really upsets us.


Catching the Cheating Spouse

Overcompensation – Cheating spouses do feel guilty. In an effort to hide their guilty, they start being too loving towards you. They might buy you gifs and flowers and take you on dates and your suspicions will be soothed. But immediately after being so caring, they start pulling away from you emotionally and physically. Sometimes, spouses start being sexually adventurous as they have learned new moves with their lovers and they want to try it out with you. However, not all new behavior may be due to a new affair and your spouse may just be feeling extra loving towards you.

Mood swings and behavioral changes – Cheating spouses find it difficult to hide their emotions. The might have been spending some time with a lover and they will be flushed with happiness and excitement and it shows. Sometimes they dress extra well and wear completely different clothing. They even start wearing trendy new styles which they did not like previously. They are extra careful about their appearance, their underwear and personal hygiene and there is no reasonable explanation for this sudden mood and behavior changes. Sometimes, cheating spouses even start to work out to get into shape.

http://SignsofaCheater.netSecretiveness – Most married couples know literally everything about each other. They even know embarrassing details like how and when each partner does his daily toilet. When you spend so much time with each other, it’s just normal. However, cheating spouses start getting secretive. They close doors, whisper on phones, leave the room to answer calls, change their emails passwords etc. Secretiveness is not normal in a marriage and you should look into it immediately.

It’s not going to be easy to detect the cheating. We say love is fine but as soon as you get married, you’ve got to get those rose-colored lenses of love off your eyes forever. Take a good hard look at your spouse and understand what they are capable of.  Don’t let yourself go and ensure the spark in your marriage remains alive.

Men love to chase and women love to be pursued. Possibly one day or the other, your man will find a woman who does not care that he is married. He will chase and she will give in and you get hurt.

Most wives will agree that husbands just cannot help themselves. Come a pretty woman, and you can see your man’s eye swivel around to the back of his head to catch a glimpse of her! It’s not right but it does happen and for them, it’s just a subconscious behavior pattern that they cannot hide.

Of course, let’s not be biased…let’s be fair to the chauvinistic sex. Some most men do manage to control their emotions and their desires but sadly enough, they are in a minority. Most men jump at any chance to cheat and inevitably they do cheat. It’s incredibly hurtful and incredibly humiliating for a wife who might be prettier, much more educated and wealthier than the other woman. 

It sounds harsh but it’s the truth. We suggest you be careful of your man if he starts to work late and spends more and more time away from you. You might be having marital problems and you might have drawn away from each other or you probably might be happy with each other; it does not matter.  It’s possible that your man is cheating or is actively considered cheating if he starts to emotionally and physically draw away from you.  Irrespective of what your heart tells you, we want you to watch out for these few signs of a cheater.

It works both ways and it’s entirely possible that a woman will cheat too. No matter who cheats, one person is going to get hurt. You cannot protect your heart from hurt but you can ensure that your mind is keeping a close eye on your spouse’s behavior. Just be careful that you don’t falsely accuse your spouse as no one likes to be doubted without any reason.


Reasons a Spouse is Unfaithful

Reasons a spouse is unfaithful; throughout time, it has always been believed that men are the ones that are unfaithful to their wives. However, this is a misconception since women also cheat on their husbands. Unfaithfulness is one of the leading causes of divorce in society today, because it leads to breakdown in marriage. The spouse who has been cheated on feels betrayed and hurt and therefore sees no reason to continue staying in a relationship where trust has been broken.

There are many reasons that drive people to be unfaithful to their spouses. Most men do not have valid reasons to cheat on their wives. Men mostly cheat because of lust, which they find hard to control as compared to women. Men are naturally weak and find it hard to resist a beautiful woman or one who is skimpily dressed

Women on the other hand are rarely sexually excited by the mere sight of a good-looking man or even a naked man. Women are not known to be visually attracted as men are. As a result, any man who has had an unfaithful wife needs to re-examine himself to find out why she has cheated on him because usually, a woman needs to have valid reasons to do so.

Some of the reasons that lead to infidelity in relationships include the ever-changing economic times, which have placed a heavy burden on couples to work very long hours and hence spend very little time with each other.

Demanding careers which require too much traveling also means that couples get to spend less time with each other. This frequent traveling leads to loneliness on the part of both spouses. As a result, the temptation to cheat becomes very high.

Another reason that leads to people to cheat on their spouses is a bad or non-existent sex life. This mostly affects women when the husband is sexually inactive as a result of many factors such as impotence, psychological trauma, and mid-life crisis leading to loss of interest in sex. This will drive a woman to look outside the relationship for sexual favors to fill the vacuum.

Lack of appreciation

Lack of appreciation is also a major cause of unfaithfulness especially for women, because women need to constantly be reassured that they are loved and that they are beautiful. They therefore need to be told frequently and reassured of these things otherwise they will look outside the marriage or relationship for someone who will be telling them that they still look great. Other people simply cheat to exert revenge on their partners for cheating on them.

Signs of unfaithfulness include a change of routine in doing things as the couple has been used to doing. For example, the cheating partner suddenly wants to go out more often and prefers to do this alone compared with the past when the couple did everything together. The cheating partner also suddenly takes more interest in their looks compared to the past when they did not actually care so much; these are but a few or the reasons a spouse is unfaithful.