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About Signs of a Cheater

Cheating took hold of my life; did not knowing it was even happening. Was going about my life blissfully, never suspecting anything, thinking all was well.

And one day it was ALL over…….with no explanations, NO warnings, NO – NOTHING………. I had been replaced.

My emotions were on a merry-go-round I didn’t know anything, barely able to remember my name. Confusion, pain, anger, waves of emotion; one worse than the last, was all that I knew.

Betrayed, abandon thrown away just like just like yesterdays garbage, it made me feel insignificant like I didn’t count…….cause I did not count.

If you’re reading this you may have your suspicions, you may have doubts and concerns. Only you know what you are feeling, but I can tell you it hurts.

If you can work through it, sit down with counseling and work through it.

I can tell you that in time it will get better, but deep down you still remember the betrayal. Time can heal the wounds.

It is better to know than one day watch your significant other just drive away.