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Cheating Spouse Cell Phone

http://SignsofaCheater.netMarriage is based on trust and love. Two people agree to commit their lives to each other for a lifetime and that’s how it should be but we all know that it does not happen. Husbands may get bored or wives may get bored but the end result is infidelity that almost always hurts one partner very badly. We know that most relationship experts say that you have to trust each other implicitly but that is all just words and theories. Trusting a spouse does not work in real life at all. Trusting spouses are eventually brought down to harsh reality when they take a look at their cheating spouse cell phone bills.

There will always be more handsome men and pretty women who don’t really care whether they have an affair with a married person. To protect your marriage, it is necessary to mistrust your spouse where sex is concerned. Take it for granted that your spouse will have contemplated an illicit affair at least once during their married life and they might not have acted upon it but the thought is always lingering at the back of their mind.

To put an active deterrent into that thought, it’s very necessary for you to be observant. Keep a careful track of all their expenses and particularly on their mobile phones. Affairs usually start as emotional cheating. Your spouse will spend time with their lover first talking to them. Connecting emotionally is one of the first steps of an affair and most cheating couples go on to an active sexual affair.

Checking up on their mobile

It might seem very difficult to find and track your cheating spouse cell phone records but it’s actually quite easy.

• We suggest you start by first checking the phone itself. A guilt-free spouse will usually leave their mobile on a dresser or on the charging station without any fear of being checked. You can just pick it up and scroll down to the CALL REGISTER on the menu and check the dialed calls, missed calls and even the time spent on each call. This should not take more than five minutes and you can easily do it late at night when your spouse is sleeping or taking a shower.

• Another option is to check mobile phone bills when they arrive in the mail. If your spouse has a contract connection, you can get in touch with the billing company and ask for bills for the last year. You might have to offer verification before the company will accept the request.

• If your spouse is using a pre-paid phone, then you might not be able to get information from the company. You will have to buy special software from a hacking website or a surveillance website to get the call details. We suggest you get in touch with a reliable tracking agency or a surveillance website to software which can be installed on your cheating spouse’s cell phone to track their whereabouts, their calls and even their messages.

However, if your spouse is already cheating, you might not be able to gets your hands on their phone as he will take it everywhere with him! He might be receiving messages all times of the day and he will frequently leave the room to read these messages in private. You will not be able to find your cheating spouse cell phone bills as he will be collecting them and paying them immediately to hide their affair. He might also change the billing address to their office or he may pay the bill online.

• In such a case, you might have to use other tracking procedures to find out how many calls he makes and to whom. You can purchase and install special tracking software on to your spouse’s mobile phone. This will track their GPS location, messages, and call register and upload it on to the internet. Try software like ePhoneTracker, SparkNano etc to. You can also try free services like Google Latitude which will tell you where your spouse’s mobile phone is located.

• A trained hacker can also clone their cell phone quite easily to provide detailed records of their calls and messages. This might be a little expensive though and we aren’t sure whether this is legal or not!

Unfortunately, if you think your spouse is cheating on you, then they usually are. However, do not accuse your spouse till you have concrete proof of the cheating. If you don’t have the proof, your spouse will just deny everything and learn to cover their tracks efficiently so that they don’t get caught the next time. The signs of a cheater, no matter how devious are never that well concealed. If your cheating spouse cell phone usage is hidden from you, you can uncover it.


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