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Reasons a Spouse is Unfaithful

Reasons a spouse is unfaithful; throughout time, it has always been believed that men are the ones that are unfaithful to their wives. However, this is a misconception since women also cheat on their husbands. Unfaithfulness is one of the leading causes of divorce in society today, because it leads to breakdown in marriage. The spouse who has been cheated on feels betrayed and hurt and therefore sees no reason to continue staying in a relationship where trust has been broken.

There are many reasons that drive people to be unfaithful to their spouses. Most men do not have valid reasons to cheat on their wives. Men mostly cheat because of lust, which they find hard to control as compared to women. Men are naturally weak and find it hard to resist a beautiful woman or one who is skimpily dressed

Women on the other hand are rarely sexually excited by the mere sight of a good-looking man or even a naked man. Women are not known to be visually attracted as men are. As a result, any man who has had an unfaithful wife needs to re-examine himself to find out why she has cheated on him because usually, a woman needs to have valid reasons to do so.

Some of the reasons that lead to infidelity in relationships include the ever-changing economic times, which have placed a heavy burden on couples to work very long hours and hence spend very little time with each other.

Demanding careers which require too much traveling also means that couples get to spend less time with each other. This frequent traveling leads to loneliness on the part of both spouses. As a result, the temptation to cheat becomes very high.

Another reason that leads to people to cheat on their spouses is a bad or non-existent sex life. This mostly affects women when the husband is sexually inactive as a result of many factors such as impotence, psychological trauma, and mid-life crisis leading to loss of interest in sex. This will drive a woman to look outside the relationship for sexual favors to fill the vacuum.

Lack of appreciation

Lack of appreciation is also a major cause of unfaithfulness especially for women, because women need to constantly be reassured that they are loved and that they are beautiful. They therefore need to be told frequently and reassured of these things otherwise they will look outside the marriage or relationship for someone who will be telling them that they still look great. Other people simply cheat to exert revenge on their partners for cheating on them.

Signs of unfaithfulness include a change of routine in doing things as the couple has been used to doing. For example, the cheating partner suddenly wants to go out more often and prefers to do this alone compared with the past when the couple did everything together. The cheating partner also suddenly takes more interest in their looks compared to the past when they did not actually care so much; these are but a few or the reasons a spouse is unfaithful.


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