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Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

http://SignsofaCheater.net Are any of these signs of a cheating boyfriend obvious or are you just being paranoid? Life may be going along according to your schedule, you have a comfortable place to live, enjoy your job and are with the man of your dreams. Then things start changing, maybe you didn’t notice it at first, but all of the sudden, the reality hits you upside the head like a two by four. Things are different and not in a good way.

Not the sneaking around

We know significant others are fully capable of sneaking around; we just hope we fall in love with an honest and respectable man. Before you go accusing your guy of romping around with another woman, get your ducks in a row. You need to have a little bit of evidence for yourself, as well as for confronting him and his dirty ways.

Take note about how much time he’s spending with you, or how much time he’s spending away from you. Keep track of his excuses about why he can’t come to see you, remember where he said he was as well as who was supposed to be with him. If he’s lying, these are the details he will most likely forget. Notice how many phone calls and text messages he is getting and how he responds to them, like leaving the room to talk or hiding his phone.

When he does spend time with you, pay attention to how he is treating you and if he acts the same as he did a few months prior. Does he become annoyed at you easily, irritated, aggravated or argumentative? It is hard to do something right when someone is finding reasons not to like who you are.

When he’s near you and totally into you, he will love being close to your body, touching you and making eye contact. If he’s into someone else, he will not want to sit quite so close and will avoid holding hands. A cheater often avoids eye contact as much as possible; this is because he doesn’t want you to see what he’s thinking.


One major key to where his heart is, takes place in the bedroom. Maybe he is stressed out at work and not up to it, but even if he’s not in the mood and still participates, he will probably act the same and follow the same routine. Someone who has been with someone else may completely avoid sex at all costs. When they do finally give in, it may be different; they may do different things and behave oddly. If they use to instigate love making, kissing and intimacy and now don’t have the slightest interest in being close to you, this is a big hint.

Not only can you read his mind through his actions and patterns, but you can get a clue to his infidelity through his friends. Often times a cheaters friend will feel guilty for even knowing about the infidelity. They will not want to be around you or when they are around you, they will act peculiar by ignoring you, avoiding eye contact or even making nervous chatter.

More Signs………

Some other signs of a cheating boyfriend include; his sudden interest in the latest fashions, appearance, fitness and cleanliness. Does he now keep a toothbrush in the car along with cologne and a change of clothes? Any one of these signs of a cheating boyfriend is not necessarily a dead giveaway about what he is doing when you are not around, but a combination of a few or more sure points in the direction of a cheater.