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Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

http://SignsofaCheater.netSigns of a cheating girlfriend; women can be ingenious and calculating when it comes to infidelity or cheating. It will always be their partner’s fault they cheated! It is an unfortunate state of the times when more and more women are cheating. Cheating used to be reserved only for men.

So how do you know if “miss right” is cheating, well here are a few telltale signs that you might want to look out for.

There could be an increased use of the internet, and trying to cover the tracks. Deleted web history and emails, cookies removed, that sort of thing. Also they may have become members of the new online communities such as Facebook and MySpace, when in the past they stated how pathetic these sites were and how everyone must be so desperate for joining.

Hiding bank statements and credit card bills from you can also be a sign she is cheating. Unusual activity in spending is usually down to an increased social life and secret liaisons. If you have a joint account make sure you check your statements after all, if she is having an affair, you don’t want to be the one paying for it!

Sudden changes in appearance are also another sign of cheating. Your girlfriend may suddenly want to wear her hair a different way, start taking more care of her appearance and maybe alter her style. These are all usual signs of trying to attract someone’s attention, and she probably isn’t doing it for your benefit!

Lack of Interest

Finally if your girlfriend starts to show a lack of interest in sex and other close contact, this can be sign she is cheating. Does she always sit on the other side of the room if you are in the same room together? Has the loving hugs and random kisses stopped? Does she no longer seem interested in what you are up to or how you are feeling? These could all be signs that your girlfriend is cheating. If you do suspect infidelity and observe any of the signs of a cheating girlfriend; make sure you find proof before you make false accusations.